THE STONE TRILOGY coming soon to the silver screen!

Okay…soon in geological time. Hey, let’s not get carried away. I gotta launch books 2 and 3 before I will start entertaining offers from Hollywood.

But here’s the deal: I thought it would be fun to get your input on who should play the main characters. I have my personal faves of course, but I want to know who you picture playing Skye and Emmett when you read the book. We all do it. Reading is all about images in the mind. So what do you think? Who should we get for the movies?

We could even make this a contest…so here goes:

Guess the author’s inspiration for Skye and Emmett and you get a signed prerelease copy of Book 2! Hint: they both are from the wonderful world of television, but not the same show. That’s all I’m saying.

Each person gets three guesses for each character. Ready…GO!

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